Are No Stars After All

by 🌹Marvin Mayo

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Caynug Dat flow yo! There's something special about the beats you choose and how you flow on these tracks. Really liking the vibes you put out here. Careful choosing of words, laid back vocal styles and overall a very great glued together production! Also important to mention for me is the very clean processing on the vocals! Makes this very pleasing to listen to over a long period of time! Incredible album!
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An album inspired by Breaking Bad, "Are No Stars After All" is a concept album about a city, people and irresponsibility. With sarcastic lyrics inspired by Jimi Hendrix (and many more), somewhat of a lofi hiphop influence of production, and a little less sunlight everyday, this is the first album produced, mixed and mastered by Marvin Mayo.


released February 2, 2020

© 2020 Good Villain
Produced by Marvin Mayo
Written by M. J. Mayo, 2018 - 2020.
Recorded at The Bebop, 2018 - 2020.
Mixed & Mastered by Marvin Mayo


all rights reserved



🌹Marvin Mayo Fairbanks, Alaska

Marvin Mayo is an Athabascan/Inupiaq artist from Fairbanks, Alaska.

With music influences such as Andre 3000, J.Cole, MF DOOM (and many more). Thanks for listening. :)

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Track Name: Friends S10 E18
all i got to my name is a few months rent
and somewhere i’ve lost my favorite pen
i guess it’s best not to grow attachments

this time of day i’d usually be so high, yeah
said lil marv, anakin skywalker, ill join the dark side some day, ay
so sorry to fuck up your day, best regards.

goddamn i didn’t think i was so depressed till i quit my job last month
now if i could only quit smoking cigarettes and quit smoking so much pot all at once, but nah.
said yesterday i probably did smoke a little too much i don’t know what i can afford,
but if you want to match come over, that’s that good shit that makes you want to quit smoking
lately i don’t do much but get stoned, but it’s cool tho
that was 2012 tho, maybe even 11.
said i’d love to be apart of everything you rake in,
but you live in a dream that i ain’t chasing
this ain’t a tv show on some shitty channel
said this ain’t a commercial and that ain’t paid advertisement
this ain’t a tv show paid by a bunch of white people, we ain’t friends.
this ain’t a tv show starring jennifer aniston

ain’t no “friends in high places” looking down on me unless they high with me
i ain’t saying we ain’t friends but i trust no one else than the people that i don’t have to trust,
truthfully, i don’t trust anyone that i have to trust, and if i don’t have to trust you, i can trust you.
fuck with me, hold up everybody
nobody do nothing different,

should’ve done the right thing,
but i went and done the wrong thing today
said i went and did the wrong thing, again
said i went and took a left this time

damn, you setting up a camp?
swear we just lit a blunt said where the fucks it at?
i ain’t puff this bitch once, i ain’t trying to hear your life story while we’re trying to get high, man we all got it bad.

this time of day i’d usually be so high
lil marv, anakin skywalker, ill join the dark side some day, ay.

best regards,
life wasn’t much of what it was; but it can always get better
said last i seen you was in school,
never thought i’d see the day drugs did this to you
shit i’m cool with just this weed, tho.
see you and i both, we chill with different people
last i heard from you, you was good.
now you selling guns to dumbass fools, shits real.

this city ain’t much, but it could really get you what you want
guess it really took you pretty far,
said it must’ve took you pretty long.
guess breaking bad was your favorite show,
yeah i can see the influence there,
nah, i can rarely tell..
but you know i’ve never even cared, some friend.

but all i’ll ever ask is, whatever happened to just some vodka and some chaser?
and them days that was enough?

fuck you’re fucking up,
but i guess i’m one to talk, huh?
Track Name: Devil Emoji
I should’ve left a little sooner my bad I’m running late again
Said what else would you come to expect from me
But I’m rushing as the usual,
so jump on the bandwagon for a second let me inspire you to do bad things with me, I’ve always done things last minute, I’d procrastinate until I shouldn’t
Fuck it, you must’ve known that by now
Just look at the bullshit I’m in again and again

You said I was a good liar but I said I’m a really good liar, only get caught up when I want you to catch up -
Said I’m only fucking with you just for a rush of adrenaline
Said maybe we can kick it and argue over everything
You shouldn’t have to prove anybody right,
said you Should probably let up, you clearly won’t win against somebody like me
Somethings won’t come as easily
Let’s take a trip down memory lane, reevaluate and get my priorities straight said I suppose You know I love that kind of high
I can really get lost in a feeling like this, I guess love’s a type of drug
Of course you know I couldn’t resist
But I’ll find inspiration with these drugs
Said boy you’re shrooming again
Pretty soon you’ll be seeing stars all the time; you’re so high maybe you should give it a break

I’m still 10 minutes behind like always
Life is unpredictable, I’m sure -
But maybe just for you said sarcastically
You thought you had me for a while
Everything will be gone by than
And for the rest of the night, or at least for the rest of this song
I still plan to be high, maybe for a while
Said that heaven is, hell is, art is my interlude between two points;
Maybe you’ve made your point, but I don’t listen anyway

Jump, hey everything is a-ok
I’ve said that same cliche the other day
Yeah that makes sense but it don’t make cents
And maybe in a year or two you’ll be doing good and wishing that I could see you just to stir up a little jealousy, said that controversy was never boring to me, and maybe I deserve it. Devil emoji, Devil emoji. Send
And we’ve said the same thing we’ve said 5 months ago I guess I can lie and say I’m someone different,
I just asked you how you were doing,
clearly this isn’t the time for your delusions
You shouldn’t be so determined to prove everybody wrong
Just do whatever you think to show that you really care because you already have, but I dont
Said the same thing goes for game of thrones, nothing disappointed me more, I thought you were trying to make a valid point here, but eh.

Don’t rely on me, don’t rely on no one
I’m still ten minutes behind but only because you need me
You thought I’d be there by now
We can always talk about this later said sarcastically impatient
I should’ve been down already Damn, I should’ve came down already
sorry to include you into my bad decisions
You can wait for me to come down I suppose,
You can wait for me to be sober I suppose

Think I’d be alright for the night,
Come and save me from myself again save me from myself for what

Do I miss you yet?
Tempting as it is to always say what you want, typical me. I guess the answer is no, but hey, was fun for a while; devil emoji, devil emoji, send.
Track Name: Somersault
you can make it in a week saying
yeah we straight, you can bring it in to me baby
yeah we straight you can make it in a week sayin
nah we straight baby split it how you think

said we make this flip, ay
whenever i’m with you is a way to progress, and i’ve been much worse
swear i can make this work this dirty scale here outta stretch
no matter what this earn it doesn’t matter what i get
saying yeah you're fine but this place ain’t worth your time
yeah you're good but this city ain’t yours
said go head and waste your time but this city isn’t yours
said all you do is let go is a perfect light for you

sayin yeah we was but this time i got some more
sayin nah we was but tonight we’ll know for sure
sayin yeah it was but tonight i’ll go for broke
sayin yeah we was but you know i got one more

said go head and make a flip, baby
said you would make it quick ain’t you
everything you get make it double make it flip
make it rotate make it stretch make a move than play again
let me get your number down tho i never knew what to say

every time you come around every time i call it’s late
if we do another round maybe you won’t need the chaser
said you can do it now or save it all for later
i ain’t trippin much for nothing and my tolerance does me no favors

yeah what’s good let me make a run to you
ay what’s good let me get something from you
you know i’m good let me bring this out to you
ay its all good i brought something around for you

ay what’s good was going to see if you wanna burn
you know i got some good i’ll roll it up when you roll thru
said go ahead and watch it flip baby
everything we take is all apart of this saying
we can take a break any night that we’d like some rest or
we can take a hit any time that we wish
said i would make it flip cuz we gotta pay bills tho
everything i did said its got a good feel tho
i’d do it all again

said i went and made a flip lately
make this paper quick baby
everything i get i make it double and make it flip
make it rotate make it stretch make a move than play again

no i never got no time but i’ll be waiting for your call
said know i’m coming down if i hadn’t had some more so
go ahead and place a call than we’ll be good to go swear
we would all take our time if we were out there on that road so
go ahead and take your time ill take mine and we’ll all be fine you know

nah it’s cool ima lay low for a second
ain’t worried much for nothing maybe another joint in a second
yeah you're good you can match whatever saying
you know we smoking good more than what is necessary, look.

i need to lay low for a moment
maybe we can take things slow for a moment
you know i’ll have to go in the morning
but we can take some more

nah you right i’ll meet you there in ten
you called the other night and i couldn’t make it then
sayin yeah you know i can bring it on in to you
get it if you want just tell me what you into

been flipping been getting much higher than i’ve ever been
all that i get reinvest and let it build
everything anything tell me what you want to feel
anything this city bring is just between me and you

best get ready this is a big drop
sayin best get ready this is hour after hour baby
best get ready this is a big fall
sayin best get ready i’ll be up until tomorrow
Track Name: Dirty Scale
You can catch me tryin to slow down time
Let it get me as I lower my eyes
The weed impress me the smoke blow my mind
Pick up my feet than go and fly
Whatever I see is going by
The change of scenes, the moments right
Here we be without knowing why
Let it be till there’s no more time
Chasing dreams and I hope to fly
Break everything that holds me down
See the skies as I close my eyes
Take everything that’s going round
Pray that karma will show me how to stay on top as it go around
Break everything that holds me down with no worries of ever coming down, ay

I don’t worry for anything, babe.
I don’t hurry for anything, ay.

Nobody will ever know me well
Thought you would but the story we tell
Forever changes it’s going well
Use to walk around with a dirty scale
And hopes and dreams to go see heaven
It gives me a reason to go and be reckless
Take everything to keep an open mind and I’ll see the sky as I close my eyes, no I don’t worry for anything

Often asked where the time went,
Puff and pass the finest
My answer is you’ll never find one
It’s better to live timeless, ay
You can catch me trying to slow down time
Let it get me than I go and fly
Nobody will ever know me well unless you always get to know me now
Yeah that’s me going high
Passing scenes I’ve chose this life
Cuz here we be and we don’t know why
Up here we see what clears my mind
To view the sky is all I want
I hope to fly when I gotta stop
I never cared still I never mind
I’ll meet you there when it’s my time ay

I don’t worry for anything, ay
I don’t hurry for anything say.

Nobody will ever know me well,
Thought you would but the story we tell
is always changing it’s going well, but I use to walk around with that dirty old scale
And hopes and dreams to go see heaven
It gives me a reason to go be reckless as I take everything to keep an open mind as I see the sky when I close my eyes, yeah.
Track Name: Remain Oblivious
remain oblivious
try not to lose this feeling
been a minute since i’ve been here
i’ll admit it’s been a good year
so what else shall we do than?
say wassup than keep it movin
you look like you’re doing good
couldn’t be further from the truth
go head, the cards are in your favor
-are always in your favor, go head
you should make your move
said i should be careful not to fall in love, ay
let me show a different way that i’ve made for myself
let me show you a different way that i’ve made for us both

bring it back, bring it back, bring it back
try not to lose this feeling im’a -
remain oblivious
bring it back, bring it back
bring it back to this feeling said ‘you don’t always have to control things, damn.’

here’s the last of the match
could only live for the moment i guess
it’s not my place to say should be careful not to fall in love
be by my place at 7
think i could change for heaven
don’t think i’ll ever get there
but it’s a good message

said we should probably let loose, be a while before we get to
dunno why i never text you
there’s no time to be regretful, eh
next time will be more special
a wolf in formal clothing said to be careful not to fall in love
if i was you i wouldn’t hurry, ay

bring it back, bring it back -
try not to lose this feeling, ima
remain oblivious,
bring it back to this feeling i’m a
remain oblivious
adept in jedi training
but i’ll only become better, wait
i’ll only become better, watch me

we can accomplish things together, ay
accomplish goals and get more done
shit watch you be the president
be anything that you think of
trying to live in the present, huh?
be anything that you dream up
could be anything that you want
potential is a loaded gun
said watch the way i do this
dunno why you always gotta,
just lose control for once
than manifest your dreams

remain oblivious
try not to lose this feeling, bring it back.
live for the moment, go head and bring it back.

try not to lose this feeling, must’ve lost track of time
bring it back, bring it back, i’ll be texting back in a matter of time
said i should probably apologize that i hardly ever respond
but i appreciate your patience with me

said that you wouldn’t wait forever
Track Name: 4:43 AM
like the worlds gonna stop if i,
like the worlds gonna stop if you
don’t know how i feel about you
won’t know how i feel tho you
wont be the one for me
you won’t be the one for me
you won’t be the one i need,
you won’t see the sun with me
i’ll be in the sky for days
you’ll be getting high with me
you’ll be getting high with me comfortably see what i can see
i’ve been amazed by the way you levitate
i’m in this daze don’t want to end my day
still let’s live the night if i stay up all night
next to you everything’s alright

i just want to see you high all day all night
swear i’ll be by your side all day all night
swear i can stay high call me for a while
if you want to get high with me, i just want to see you high

swear i got higher when you was by my side
you was my ride or die wherever you decide
just call my name, i’ll be on my way
no matter the time 4:43 am i am
not far away from this promise i could make to you
promise i’ll only say to you whatever that i mean, truly
whatever that does mean to you
whatever that you’ll be doing
the drugs you see me do

like the earth don’t move when we
like the stars stay still and i’d
take it all back to this
i would take it all back to-
this night, last forever
why can’t this night last forever?
why can’t this high last a little longer than this night might last forever
maybe i got too high for a little too long
last time i’ll try to carry this home
said that time i tried just a little bit more
than last night i tried more than i normally do
but when all of this is gone what are we going to do?
when all of it is done is this over too?
swear i could stay high when i’m close to you,
if i stay up all night, next to you every night

i just want to see you high all day all night
swear i could be by your side all day all night
swear i could stay high call me for a while
if you want to stay high with me, stay up every night

you and i never sleep when this feel like a dream
be the chemicals that i taste and my rush of dopamine
be the crash when i find one
the stash upon the counter
every other drug that i take when i feel down
every other hour when i need to come up
be the line cut up take one for its all gone
i’ve waited this whole time for you
waited to get high with you
chased it with cold water when the sun went down and we would

like this night won’t end if we
like the night wouldn’t end so
chase this shakespearean ending if we
take these together
we were fluent as a poem written every other letter had some sonnet meant for both of us like we were meant together
we had something left in common
still you outta move on from this
dangerous lifestyle that i’m influence by now
saying goddamn i just want to see you higher than you’ve ever been
you and i both fly forward towards the morning
maybe this pill a little potent
saying we should start slow you said you was taking a smaller dose this time
i get nothing much from a moderated high
so maybe i took too much and i lost track of time, baby
you know me i’m always too gone so don’t chase me cuz that road is too long

i just want to see you high all day all night
swear i could be by your side all day all night
we were only getting higher till the peak of our high
than everything was alright, than everything was all fine for me

you were always right and i was always too high
be another night from sober baby what did you expect to find?
i find i want to be sedated, inebriated most the time
still the impression that you left on me still lingers in my mind
if i can’t find the right words to say
swear i should admit you are out of my league
should you call my name i’ll be on my way no matter the time 4:43 am i am
Track Name: Dope Sick
said last time i saw you was-
tryna say something simple but
i wasn’t really tryna hear it
or wasn’t really feeling it.

lately i’ve been trying to change my mind to change my life or change my thoughts to try to change something

lately i’ve been trying to find me, trying to find peace of mind someplace else i can’t seem to find
the shadow of my eye keeps pulling me back
i can’t seem to find the reason these demons seem so attached

why does something always have to have some meaning to you?
like it’s divine intervention or something
why you hiding your intentions i wonder
who are you influenced by and what for?

don’t lose momentum over dope sickness
look at what you get into over and over again
but that’s only what you said is it?

last time i didn’t see you at the party,
but it didn’t really matter cuz i’ve already took the molly,
or whatever that you call it and i’m feeling fantastic
don’t really trust the dealers cuz their only about their money, ay.

but that was back in 2011, wish that i could take it back
would’ve never let it take me over like it did,
would’ve never fell in love and been the person that i am,
it is what it is

but you really would bring the best of me out
no more chemical imbalances or any more exctasy now
it’s been a while since anybody’s figured me out
said you bring me out into a different route

maybe i should hit up my family when i think of em
a bit more often than lately that i’ve been doing
tell my cousins i love em, and all my aunts and uncles
all of my family and friends, should call em more often

don’t lose momentum over dope sickness
look at what you get into over and over again

should’ve been there a little early but i’ve-
had so much faith in you,
but look at what’s changing you.
said what the fuck came of you?
got a lot to gain do you have nothing to lose?

but no matter what i’ll still be here
for whatever reason you seem to think you need from me,
was the only reason i’d ever really hear from you.
see it my side, but you’ve never really seen it, did you?

and that’s when i learned there’s some people you got to steer clear from,
i didn’t think you was one of em, guess i didn’t see it coming.
always running in circles, i guess we have that in common, but hey i can always relate

said i thought you would go so far, but so long to that thought now, i guess.
it’s not easy to watch you right your wrongs almost all the time, it seem.
thought you was someone who you not, my apologies.
but i learned from you what not to do, ay.

but here i am writing down goddamned lines again,
is where i spend all my time again, ay.
turn the tides, i guess, ay.
this for all the nights i was

for whatever reason you’re dope sick again, you can really notice it this time, said i’d ask if you’re doing fine, but it seems you’re dope sick all the time, ay.

are no stars after all
we find after we get high
there are no problems after all
Track Name: Goldstream 4AM
excuse me
i could use a little direction
i was wondering if you can help me and point me to the nearest dispensary
i’d greatly appreciate it, i could reciprocate the favor
you can rest assured i bet everything is good
and if i see you later i’d have a reason to thank you
now go and be an angel and go someplace and stay there
said you can pretend you have a halo,
i’m just going to lay low
you know i’d never change tho,
just do just as i'd say so, ay.

pick your poison
whatever you think is worth it;
everything i touch is golden
eventually ends up burning
said you’d think of me when you feel hopeless
i’d think of you when i feel broken
and got no where else to go to
said fuck it you know i’m no good
so everything turns to poison
around you but it’s all good
said you never seemed to notice
just been goin with the flow,
so sad to see you thru those motions
use to see you so often, now i really don’t know you - probably still toxic

could’ve swore you was a star, saw you falling from the sky
goldstream at 4 am, saw you falling from the stars
said that’s only what you thought, but your logics a little off
for opportunity you gotta watch
i got no time to ever stop
cuz once that time is lost that time is always gone
so tell me and be honest is this everything you’ve wanted?
since this is all we got
remember anything else
tell me your opinion on what life has to offer
don’t know what you’ve gone thru
but that’s just what we got to
somewhere i thought i lost you, than i thought its all good, ay
don’t wait for better options
say what’s in your heart than don’t give a fuck for nothing
said to make your own luck than make something out of nothing,
if no one calls your bluff than watch em take it all,
go head and make your money

said i don’t wait
take a break take apart my head everything i’ve said has different meanings anyway
so wait take a break
take apart your head
everything you’ve said has different meanings anyway

could’ve swore you was a saint, but i led you down this way
goldstream at 4 am, yeah here i am instead
wondering why i’m still awake
tolerance thru the fucking roof
and you wonder why i take as much as i usually do?
you wonder why i play like i don’t have enough to lose
said fuck it i don’t worry for you that’s nothing new

said go and be an angel
and go someplace and stay there
said i thought you was the devil so i left you there to get well
thought you wasn’t waiting for no one
maybe i should keep goin
goldstream at 4am i’m glad i kept it movin - ay
Track Name: Was Just a Problem Dog
Ay sometimes you gotta do what you outta I ain’t judging you for nothing but you can’t always do what you want to cuz I’m always causing trouble and making things harder I don’t mean it I don’t really think before I say shit I usually only say it than take the consequences that karma pay me said that kid he had it coming till the devil come and get us and the angel that was with him, good fucking riddance

Said to me that you only take what you need when you need it but for some reason I don’t believe it it’s not what you say it’s how you say it,
should really come down to earth sometime to get clear minded swear you should really try it, you might like it

maybe trouble won’t always find you
But I’ve never really minded
I have the perfect timing for the worst timing but it’s good to depend on something, even if it’s only my bad luck i’ve got and a blunt of marijuana just for when I get home, but hey I’m right there with you, I’m just a call away and maybe a 20 minute drive, but I’ll be on the way - swear there never was a day I said I wouldn’t be there for you tho you only call me when you need something - I got use to doing favors for you
Should just roll some papers a little smoke for later would be great but hey
i’m use to smoking everything
what’s good a little more i take it you ain’t save a thing
only thought of yourself they told me
practical and predictable just like you, i could always count on that shit said

Look at you, bullshitting your way out of everything like you usually do maybe I should give you some sort of credit or congratulations like you would want me to Mr. “Im only going to say whatever that you want to hear” because you’re a natural swear you’ll go far, kid.

How do you gon do what you want all the time when some people ain’t got it as good and you’re doing fine - that’s just your fucking problem you never see the other side -
For once Jesus died for me
and god forgave me for everything
god forgive me for losing faith with a gift of lying you will find the truth in anything, be careful not to start believing your own lies kid it’s a dangerous game you play, you might as well bet your life the next move you make thought he would die the hero but instead he became the villain i wouldn’t

blame him if people change than maybe god can save him or maybe that’s an ambitious statement just a prayer that will end up being wasted anyways tho it was a good thought - somewhat of a simple farewell, was good to see you off and i’ll be there as well yeah right

Some of us ain’t as lucky as you, with a gift of lying I’d think anything would come natural, and they probably do but what about when you have to be truthful? And karma comes back for you? and everybody you know will only become collateral - like you had to choose

sure, tragic but i am
Was just a problem dog, but I’m no good at solving anybody else’s problems would say I’m sorry, my apologies was probably just my karma, my b. from here on, I’ll only say whatever that you want hear, word you got it.

said i usually go all out, but i was just trying to be honest for once,
but everything’s alright if i’m just being honest
got a long way to go it seems, but i’m so use to stealing everything so what i never ever thought bout anybody but myself goddamn millennials

would lie dog lie, was just a problem dog was lost dog, lost - and than I took the shot then they was gone dog, gone - thought you knew was right nah dog, nah
You outta live this out

You know I did this all for you - than i took the shot, yeah you outta live this out - forget but don’t forgive yeah right
Track Name: Luv Vs Love
always did find the right words, that's my expertise
find a way to define the world as a prince became a king
and i was somewhere around, said i’ll see you when i see you
i know i’m hard to find i’m the worst at timing these things
don’t mean to keep you waiting is the worst kind of feeling
said all that i’m chasing everybody has their reasons
don’t wanna make excuses or make a bad impression
but i’m always chasing dreams i don’t live in the present, damn.

luv vs love
please have patience with me while i learn from you, be all that i can be
it’s about time that i care about someone but myself
i’ve always made sure that i was good and forgot about everybody else
said remind me when i’m wrong don’t mind me when i’m right
and when i’m writing songs i pray i get things right
be the best that i could be getting better every night
the pawn became a queen and took out a knight
and i’ll be somewhere finding inspiration
i guess i’ll see you later, alright was nice to know you
and i was somewhere around said i’ll see you when i see you
maybe after i leave here and make some decent achievements
said go ahead, i was off somewhere dreaming, never thought you would leave here,
but i saw you in heaven so, saw you at heavens gates i believe you were heaven sent
thought you was there and i’ll try to make it in one day

looking at the sky i was wondering what was up above
welcome to the other side, beloved
as you fly above us
and time will go on
and i will go thru time
and i will show up hoping that i’ve learned enough

and that’s luv vs love, yeah that’s luv vs love

ay i’ve been looking at the stars wondering how far or how long they’ve been shining
sometimes i forget to thank god i’m alive and was quicker on the way down, but i’m still climbing.
finding my way out this spiral down i’ve found myself in
finding that my problems are no problems after all
and it wouldn’t be too long before i fall again, looking at the stars again
it’s all apart of life i guess, ay.

are no problems after all
are no stars after all, excuse me in a little delusional
with a vivid imagination, i bring my dreams to reality
then bring my reality to my dreams it’s closer than i seem to think, ay
said all you gotta do is reach
somewhere the stars aligned and i’m right where i need to be
we breathe life into these words and when we think we breathe,
somewhere up above i know your watching over us, yeah

and when i see the stars i realize there’s no problems after all,
everything is love
sorry that i left you and cut you out of the bigger picture-
sometimes i forget the bigger picture,
wishing things were different
know that i’m a sinner
and there’s no rest for the wicked, damn.
now i get it, now i fully understand that i haven’t learned enough and that’s luv vs love
Track Name: Rounds
all I wanna do is be around you,
guess i gotta take my rounds, too.
guess i’d rather make my rounds,
who really matters when you around?
nothing matters when i’m beside you,
love what happens when you high too,
i gotta go but you can ride too,
i know that i drive too wild
let me paint a picture for this
picture perfect moment we outlived in a seconds notice
in this vivid dream that i didn’t think i’d ever meet you,
than that dream became reality
set the scene, i knew eventually we would see different pictures of the bigger image,
somewhat of a self portrait meant for the both of us for that short moment in time, but than the phone rang.

don’t leave, i don’t need to make my run she said why would you leave me here at my door?
why would you leave me here all alone?
on a night that i would need you most
we’ve said and an hour after i’d write too long
is hour after i’ve been high too long
an hour after this rides too long
is an hour after i should have called

all i want to do is see how you do
still i’ll leave to make my rounds here soon
guess i better take a shot down too,
looking like it’s all i got now too
no one who i truly confide in,
meant something when you would ride with
thought you was out of my league,
always was and still there you’ve been
maybe i need a little motivation
but you know me i can’t stay still
go whenever the phone rang,
i keep it in rotation
there i go doing a little too much,
you make me much better i swear i’ll try much more for you
and there you was
saying you can save me from wherever i’m going to

don’t leave i don’t need to make my run she said
how could you leave me here at my door
she said you wouldn’t leave me here all alone
swear that this is the night that i would need you most
i told her an hour after i write too long
is an hour after i’ve been high too long
you’re all i ever think of
yet you would think i’d call

you know i don’t really want to go,
if i knew i would’ve never left you, don’t think i’d ever get to.

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